Movie Recommendation: “Moonlight”

I mentioned in my review of Theatre Rhinoceros’s production of The Brothers’ Size that Tarell Alvin McCraney was about to become a recognizable commodity thanks to the new movie Moonlight that would be coming to theaters in later 2016. Well, now it’s later and Moonlight is playing in several hundred theaters nationwide.

Thankfully, the movie is a very strong piece of filmmaking, re-examining an oft-told story with a fresh eye and a strong clarity of vision. It’s less like one of McCraney’s other scripts and closer to something more naturalistic (most likely because McCraney’s original play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue is only credited as the basis for the story, with a new screenplay by the film’s director Barry Jenkins), but it’s still a beautiful movie with all the qualities of a great play.

The movie also looks like it will pick up a handful of Oscar nominations, so if you want to be on top of the Best Picture nominees, try to catch this while you still can.

Here’s the trailer:

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