Review: “Crimes of the Heart” at Theatreworks Silicon Valley

Crimes of the Heart, Beth Henley’s 1979 southern tragicomedy, is a truly important work of American theatre — both as a historical document of feminist playwriting in the late ’70s and as a work of domestic drama that re-examines the suburban lifestyle and sisterhood after the McCarthy era had been firmly declared dead. None of this importance is on display in Theatreworks’s production, which is aggressively comic to the point of dulling the central honesty at the heart of the work, but Crimes of the Heart has a slick enough surface to work within this context. Even if it’s not the kind of production you’re going to write home about, it makes for a comfortable matinee, perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been having recently in the area. Continue reading “Review: “Crimes of the Heart” at Theatreworks Silicon Valley”