Review: “Isaac’s Eye” at The Custom Made Theatre Co.

San Franciscan theatergoers have a unique opportunity right now: Lucas Hnath, a major up-and-coming playwright whose first play premiered in just 2012 and will make his Broadway debut this spring, has not one but two productions of his plays running right now, both playing until March 11th. The Christians at the San Francisco Playhouse, which I reviewed here, is an absolutely first-rate night of theatre, both in play and production, and if Isaac’s Eye, which is currently running at the Custom Made Theatre Co. (just a block away), isn’t quite as good, one should not be discouraged in the slightest from going to see it, both as a highly interesting and entertaining night of theatre and as a perfect way to gain an introduction to a playwright who, this reviewer truly believes, will eventually be considered one of the most important voices of his generation. Continue reading “Review: “Isaac’s Eye” at The Custom Made Theatre Co.”

Review: “The Christians” at San Francisco Playhouse

There’s no two ways about it: The Christians is magnificent. Lucas Hnath has been an author to watch for some time now, with his fascinatingly complex plays that use the medium of stagecraft in bold and innovative ways in order to tackle the enormously complicated issues that we all face merely by existing. With The Christians, a quasi-reworking of the Antigone myth, Hnath has firmly established himself as an important modern playwright, creating his most dramatically complete and emotionally resonant play to date. San Francisco Playhouse is currently mounting a production of The Christians that is, in a word: perfect, undoubtably serving as the company’s finest production yet.

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