Review: “Silence! The Musical” at Ray of Light Theatre

For 20 minutes, Silence! The Musical is the funniest musical ever written. The delirious and relentless parody of the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs coasts by on its plethora of references to indelible Academy Award-winning feature along with gently poking fun at Jodie Foster and company, conjuring up a fair share of belly laughs, including a moment featuring the most disgusting and screamingly funny usage of silly string imaginable, before completely running out of gas. After that, the evening commits the worst crime imaginable for comedy: failing to make the audience laugh. Continue reading “Review: “Silence! The Musical” at Ray of Light Theatre”

Review: “Little Shop of Horrors” at Ray of Light Theatre

Little Shop of Horrors is a…..

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